There are two types of men: those who prefer their shirts ironed and folded in the drawer and those who want to find them hanging in the wardrobe. These two men, so different, have one thing in common: they can both recognise by sight and touch the craftsmanship, quality and sensuality of a Thomas hand-made shirt.

About us

Let’s begin by defining the concepts of innovation and tradition. Because both are important for an artisan shirt tailor like Thomas. Innovation because the search for the best Italian natural yarns demands constant professional updating combined with a sound knowledge of fabric production techniques. Tradition speaks for itself: shirts represent a timeless point of male elegance. Fashions change but traditional models stand the test of time: classic collar, French or button-down.

And then there’s passion, which the owner, Paolo Plancio, has always cultivated. Passion that drove him to create a workshop with one of his friends. Since 2007 Paolo’s story has blended with the story of his shirts, which have become a name, a brand and a point of pride.

Tailored shirts

Neck, shoulders, arm length, chest and waist. These are the objective facts which allow us to make a shirt which will always hang perfectly, always be faultless and will make you feel at ease on any occasion. Then there are the many subjective facts. Summer or winter fabric, for example. We use exclusively the highest quality fabrics, because a Thomas shirt must always be a source of admiration and pleasure. Then there’s the colour, of course, the grain, texture, finish, the hand-sewn initials, buttons and button holes. They are all choices which ‘communicate’: they tell us how to work and, at the same time, tell everyone who you are.


Italian fabrics

Cotton, which is a natural hard-wearing organic fibre, doesn’t hold dust or humidity. We use exclusively Italian fabrics, selecting the best of national production: twisted or double-twisted cotton is used for bright, silky fabrics so that we can make shirts that are always fresh and pleasant to wear.


For Thomas the particulars are more than just details. High quality artisan shirts, accurate in every distinct part, with French seams and only mother-of-pearl buttons. Our tailors make each shirt a work of art, just for you, so that you can enjoy discovering the quality of our products.


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